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What Is MB Coaching?

Why MBCoaching is for you. Sometimes we need to be with like-minded individuals that know there is more. More to our story and more to add to the chapters of our life. We all have a flame lit within us that sometimes needs to be stoked into a fiery blaze. We believe in activating God given dreams and desires so that they are fulfilled to their fullest potential. Our greatest enemy to our dreams is our doubt, fear and disbelief, mostly in ourselves.

We believe MBCoaching offers the piece of the puzzle, through mentorship and impartation, that you need to launch and activate you to complete your race in achieving your purpose and dreams.

What are the benefits of MBCoaching? You will receive personalized coaching to tailor fit where you are in life and your journey to your God sized vision and purpose. We are all different; we have different goals and different vehicles of destiny. Coaching will be personalized to your victories, it will uncover blind spots, overcome obstacles, and you will experience breakthroughs on the journey toward the vision that has been set before you!

What experience does Michelle bring? Michelle has 21 plus years of experience in running multiple corporations. She has teams locally and throughout the U.S. and has seen growth and fruit at every step of her journey. Michelle has also felt the sting of loss, worldly defeat, broken relationships, dead dreams and much more. She has the ability to relate and help see beyond the moments that try to extinguish the destiny for your future. There is no individual left out that we cannot help. Our source is Jesus, and he leaves no one behind.

If you want to start a business, write a book, be more effective in parenting...whatever the goal, MBC can help!

What Others Are Saying

"I'm thankful for the time I was under Michelle's leadership! During my four years with her I was able to discover and define my spiritual gifts and leadership skills. Anyone that has the chance to learn from her will receive valuable wisdom, heavenly insight, and knowledge in how to have a kingdom-minded business."

- Small Business Owner

"Michelle has an incomparable capacity to steward her giftings, ideas, and businesses with excellence, integrity, and consistency. She's Kingdom-minded and operates with the heartbeat of the Father, getting things done yet never forsaking the value of people. Working with Michelle over the past several years has been a complete game changer. I'm forever grateful for her words of wisdom and ways of empowering others to fulfill who they are called to be and what they are called to do."

- Visionary, Mentor

"I have been mentored and impacted by Michelle for the past 16 years. I have watched her consistently and boldly lead myself and many others with a Kingdom mindset in a practical and real way. She follows Jesus fiercely and invites as well as challenges others to do the same. She has been a huge part of shaping me as a wife, a mother, and a leader. Her consistent support, wisdom and love has been invaluable to my life."

- Colleague

"Michelle Brogan carries a mantle of leadership and wisdom in her business and personal life. She has generously shared with me so many times in my career, as I know she has done for so many others, guiding and directing some of the most important decisions of my life. If you have an opportunity to work directly with Michelle as a coach, jump in with both feet!"

- Author and Entrepreneur

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Pastor • Speaker • Producer • 
Wife • Mother • Mentor
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