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Michelle Brogan is a pastor, speaker, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and mentor. She has been traveling the country for over 21 years utilizing her testimony and unique illustrated sermons to see an awakening of the heart for all who desire change. Her powerful testimony and passionate delivery not only transforms but delivers a change that is permanent and life changing.

Michelle is the founder and director of Revolution Ministries. She and her husband, Alec are ordained pastors and together they have traveled the country since 2000 imparting and teaching to this generation about the destiny that God has given them and how to utilize their gifts and talents to glorify His name. Since the time of its conception, Revolution Ministries has added discipleship programs, leadership training, large scale productions, the Epicenter for the Arts, and conventions to get the truth and message of Jesus Christ to this generation.

Over the past 15 years, Michelle has trained and mentored men and women from all over the country on a weekly basis in her discipleship program. She has written and produced 10 original productions that have traveled the country and thousands have had life transforming experiences from them. She has begun over 5 businesses, from the ground up and wants to help others activate their dreams as well! She has been blessed to be married to the man of her dreams since 1998 and has two handsome young boys to add to her treasures…Zander and Brody.

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Pastor • Speaker • Producer   Wife • Mother • Mentor
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